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Customers searching for transmission repair in your exclusive territory are directed to your own TransTeam Wholesale Club landing page.

They fill out the form or call you directly.


We do the advertising for you   As soon as you register and become a wholesale club service center we start the internet advertising in your exclusive territory and direct all the leads to you.  Internet shoppers nationwide love the Wholesale Club ! You start getting wholesale leads in 24 to 48 hours

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How It Works

"After 1 year into the program, It has done exactly what you said it would - for half the cost - of hiring an outside salesman. I am quite excited about the direction you are going. You have no problem adjusting your game plan to better serve the transmission shops and the potential customers. I like the fact that you are in the transmission business and better understand what I need compared to my other ad guys that just do not have a clue."

Joe K. Arlington Texas

" I am a one man shop and I had to suspend the adverising until I could get caught up again."

John L. Denver Colorado

When the customer submits a form, we send the customer an automated text, from your manager, to instantly connect with the customer.

At the same time, you and your manager receive the lead information via e-mail and text so you can immediately call the customer.



When a customer calls you, the call is recorded. You receive an e-mail that allows you to listen to the recording right after each call.

What You See in Email and Text >

What Customers See >

Wholesale Club Pricing: $300 per Week
Week to week. No long term contracts.

Custom pricing available for multi-shop owners and lower-population areas. Call for more details.

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Emailed To You After Each Call >

" The first 2 weeks we sold 15,000 and we have 2 wholesale club jobs in the shop now. We are even getting wholesale jobs from companies in the area that will be repeat business in the future. The best part is that my builder is never just standing around anymore !"

Oscar O. San Diego California

“ I have hired 80% of my new hires the last 3 years from TransTeam and I also receive 2-3 extra jobs per week from your wholesale club program. Sales are way up. Thanks TransTeam ! ”

Scott J. Tampa Florida


Listen to your manager talk to your customer

Your manager can listen to himself .

Your manager schedules the appointments at your slow times and performs a free diagnosis.  After the diagnosis, your manager quotes the customer a retail and wholesale price. Your service center fixes it at the wholesale price if the customer leaves the vehicle with you and helps you fill the production gap at your shop. 

The Wholesale Club is Easy Money - No more outside salesman!

You Become a TransTeam Wholesale Club Service Center  

Get 8 - 12 internet leads a week. Make 2 - 4 sales a week. Make an extra $3600 - $7200 every week without the hassle and expense of hiring an outside salesman. When you sign up for the ad pool below and become a member of the Wholesale Club, you reserve your Exclusive Territory. You deal with the customer from the first contact to car delivery and keep all the money.  

This video is what the customer sees

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